Saturday, January 1, 2011

People ignore reality in order to 'believe' in god

  Wow! This amazed me when I saw this video. This is Christian Fundamentalism at it's best.  If this is not brainwashing I don't know what is! 
   First, I want to point out that the pictures of the 'Grandparents'. These people are trying to make these kids think that a belief in evolution would actually support that picture as being representative of scientific evolution. Grandparents!?! Really? If this is not brainwashing, then what is?
  I have to ask: Do YOU believe in this?
  I also have to point out the woman's comments at around 1:20 of the video, she says she believes this: because it's easier to believe this. Holy shit!! That is plainly stating she accepts ignorance over proven fact, simply because it is easier for her to understand! Religion breeds ignorance. Religion teaches ignorance. Religion preaches ignorance. If you don't believe me, you must believe the things in this video. If you believe the things in this video; that just makes you uneducated.   


  1. Copy/Paste from Facebook:
    By: Tom Mastellone
    Eric evolution is a fairytale for grown ups. You have so little knowledge of the bible you should keep your mouth shut. Some people open there mouth and there foot comes out. When you open your mouth about the bible your tail comes out, you make a jack ass out of your self. I could care less what right or left wing Christians say or do. It would seem you are not happy for to long unless you stir up some trouble. Enjoy
    Monday at 8:49am

  2. My response to Uncle Tom:

    Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups, that's fair I guess. A stolen line, but fair, right? I would beg to ask how so, though? I mean, with all of the scientific evidence to prove evolution, both short and long term, I hardly see its comparison to a fairy tale. It sounds, based on your opening remark, "Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups.”, that you believe humans lived with dinosaurs, is that safe to assume? I hardly want to move forward in this conversation, as I may assume I am putting words into your mouth. Please clear my misunderstanding, if there is one.
    I assume the hatred in your overtone in your reply is more due to the fact that these whacks are actually representing your faith, than anything else. (That would probably ignite a spark in me too!)After all, if you look back to before your previous comment, Tom, all I did was post a video....and simply ask what people may have thought about it. That's all nothing else. And look how you responded; attacking me personally, saying that I look like an ass, and tail coming out and all that stuff, it's just not nice, Tom, not nice at all. You say I am stirring up trouble? I am simply promoting discussion on a subject that we disagree on.
    So, I guess that we are back to the original question at hand, if we can do so without all the name calling, sheesh.
    I am curious to know, what do you think of the ideology being taught to kids in this video? (I would hope at this time, to get a response to the video, not to the opinion of the person that posted the question, please)
    My personal opinion of the video is that it disgusts me, to think that people would teach our children to ignore the things we know to be fact, and instead choose to believe in a world reminiscent of the Flintstones, really. I mean, ‘Behemoth was a Dinosaur' song, if that doesn’t make one want to puke....and, the way they deceived the children with the photo's of the Grandparents. They were obviously trying to make the kids believe that evolution of that type has taken place in 2 generations according to science. It is easy to brainwash children, especially when you do it in a pleasing way, such as how they made the kids laugh by showing that picture with that question, ' Did your Grandmother look like this?' That provoked a moment in those kids’ heads that will stick forever. Cleverly planned, but disgusting none the less. This is occultism to me, as well as mental child abuse. These pricks should be imprisoned for child abuse.

  3. Cut/Paste from Facebook:
    Tom Mastellone
    science so called ,I think could be, must be ,it makes sense so it must be. How many missing links are trhere? Alot more yhan one.No .evolutionis is not scientific, it is a theory, a very poor theory at best, that people use to try and get rid of God. The line was stolen ,there is nothing new under the sun . Soloman said that . Keep an open mind I said that. there is just as much science to disprove evolution and more than the tru science that is used to prove evolution. More later

  4. Once again, the actual question was avoided, to be honest this is very common among religious folks when asked questions about their faith, so I actually expect it. I will, once again, pose the question just to assure I am clear: What are y...our opinions of these people teaching what is in this video to kids, and do you believe the world was just created 6,000 years ago?
    I will address your comment of The THEORY of evolution as well. BEcause this will show that science is NOT the It makes sense so I believe it. If you did watch the video (Did you?) you will see that that is exactly what the woman at about 1:20 of the video says about RELIGION, that it is 'just easier to explain.'. THIS IS self-induced ignorance, plain and simple!
    Let’s first take a look at the word theory and fully understand its meaning:

    A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. A theory is valid as long as there is no evidence to dispute it. Therefore, theories can be disproven. Basically, if evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, then the hypothesis can become accepted as a good explanation of a phenomenon.

    Example: It is known that on June 30, 1908 in Tunguska, Siberia, there was an explosion equivalent to the detonation of about 15 million tons of TNT. Many hypotheses have been proposed for what caused the explosion. It is theorized that the explosion was caused by a natural extraterrestrial phenomenon, and was not caused by man. Is this theory a fact? No. The event is a recorded fact. Is this theory generally accepted to be true, based on evidence to-date? Yes. Can this theory be shown to be false and be discarded if additional facts are found? Yes.

    Now, let's look at a Hypothesis, which is what a religion is:

    A hypothesis is an educated guess, based on observation. Usually, a hypothesis can be supported or refuted through experimentation or more observation. A hypothesis can be disproven, but not proven to be true.

    Example: If you see no difference in the cleaning ability of various laundry detergents, you might hypothesize that cleaning effectiveness is not affected by which detergent you use. You can see this hypothesis can be disproven if a stain is removed by one detergent and not another. On the other hand, you cannot prove the hypothesis. Even if you never see a difference in the cleanliness of your clothes after trying a thousand detergents, there might be one you haven't tried that could be different.

    All science starts as a hypothesis. Scientists then actually look for things that make their initial HYPOTHESIS to be impossible (this is called process of elimination; this process is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED OR AVOIDED BY PERSONS OF FAITH, WHEN LOOKING AT THEIR FAITH. One can only wonder why. ) This is actually what I am doing in these posts, taking a hypothesis and picking it apart to see if it still stands afterward.

    I would love to hear back from you, but I respectfully ask that you begin your comment with the post topic of the video; once again, do you feel the earth was created just 6000 short years ago? And how do you feel about the people in this video teaching this stuff to the kids that will one day be responsible for the future of our species?
    You can simply start with
    YES, I believe this video to be true and it should be taught. or; NO, I do not believe in this video and it should not be taught.
    Then feel free to explain further. I j ust feel that youare so heartfelt about what you want to say that you are missing the point of the entire topic, which is people living with dinosaurs, like in the Flintstones.

    This is where the humor comes in..... lets see this next comment for what it is , a joke :
    Maybe I should repose the question as:
    "Do you believe 'The Flintstones' is based on a true story?